A few words about MS Garcia Photography…

My name is Marie and I am a Paris-based travel and street photography enthusiast.
I have always been influenced by my parents who were photography fans. I remember helping my father carry all his equipment. And then he wanted us to pose for what seemed to be ages. I think I didn’t even like photography when I was a kid. Or maybe I hated it. What could be fun about it? You just carry tons of useless (I thought) material and then sit or stand there for hours.
Oh and wait. That wasn’t it. Photographic film was a disaster. Not only did you have to shoot perfectly (ok, even in digital, I’d rather take one good shot than hundreds) but you also had no instant access to your photos. Who says I have no patience?

about MS Garcia Photography
Right. I don’t.
But somehow, I started to like those hard copy photo albums, which I still go over years later. There were like instants of eternity. Memories that would never go away.
So I ended up getting my first (digital) camera pretty late – back in 2011/2012.

Professional background

I started with travel photography, as a result of my professional career and passion for travel. Travel photography still is one of my favorite genres today. Along time, I learnt to develop a real sense for detail and my own vision of things and of the world, which I try to share through my images.
When I started photography, I would mostly bring my camera everywhere with me, during my travels. I felt only foreign lands and people were worth a shot.
It didn’t take me long until I realized there were stories to be told everywhere and with everyone.

Why choosing photography?

I’ve always had a keen sense for all kinds of arts. From literature to dance. From twelve to about twenty-seven years old, it was all about dancing. I thought I would make it a full-time job. Then I had to quit because of a serious knee injury. I still miss it every single day and I know I always will. But after some time, I had to find another artistic way to express myself. I didn’t even quite think about it. Photography came naturally.
And now it’s part of my daily life. I try to tell stories through my photography.
I don’t consider photographies as still images of long gone moments but rather as fragments of eternity. The ultimate representation of Life.

My work

I am very happy to have the opportunity to run this website (designed and managed by myself) to present you my work. I hope you are curious and will go through all of my projects. Let’s go on a journey together through landscape and nature stories.
You like cities better? That’s no problem. I adapt easily and enjoy switching perspectives. Hop on to my architecturestreet photography and Black and white street photography galleries.
Make sure you you keep up to date with my latest photo series. They all have a specific subject which is left open for me to explore throughout my wanderings.
Also, feel free to contact me for any inquiries.