We all need inspiration and resources, don’t we ?
Whenever I’m in a travel mood, I have two options (or maybe three if throwing a dart on a map counts!) : either I book a trip to places I’ve always wanted to travel to or I look online for new ideas. And this is usually how you find out about places you have never heard of or when you see that super-amazing picture that makes you say (yes, I do talk to myself all the time, shame on me) : ‘this is where I want to go next!’

So I’ve decided to put together a list of websites and social media that I’m sure will make you want to hop on the next plane !
Feel free to mention some more in the comments so I can review them.



Go Wonder – an online community of 50000+ female travelers. The website features stories from women who love to travel and general travel tips.

Lonely Planet – the famous guides provide advice on the best places to stay, where and when to travel and other useful trip information.

Skyscanner – we all have our favorite search engines when it comes to finding the best deals. Mine is definitely Skyscanner. You can use either the desktop version or the app. Both let you search with or without specific dates, for one, several or any destinations.


Go Wonder – probably one of your best resources if you want to engage with fellow women travelers. Join for tips, answers, inspiration or simply to admire beautiful photos shot by female wanderers.

Nomadic Matt – tips and advice on budget travel.


Natgeo – no need to present them. Their feed is filled with stunning pictures, mostly nature related.

Passion Passport – a collection of jaw-dropping travel photography.


What are your main online resources of travel inspiration?

cinque terre

Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy